Vietnam food delivery sparks heated online debate on food safety

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In an incident that sparked significant debate around food safety and hygiene, a man from Vietnam recently received an unpleasant surprise in his food delivery order. After enjoying his completed dish, he was alarmed to discover a substantial insect lurking within what was left of his meal. This revelation swiftly captured the imagination of netizens, sparking a torrent of reactions, observations, and opinions.

The young man from Vietnam was enjoying a delectable bowl of noodles that he had ordered from a small local restaurant, keen on the flavourful and affordable meals they offer. However, towards the end of his meal, he stumbled upon a sizable insect that had been engulfed within his dish, sparking concerns about food safety.

On stumbling upon this stomach-churning discovery, the man took to social media to share his experience. His post, featuring an image of the undesired guest found in his meal and the caption, “I was enjoying my food, but now I feel like throwing up”, rapidly gained traction on various social platforms. Given the importance of food for everyday sustenance, this episode soon became a matter of public conversation, reported Sanook.

Netizens sought to find the name of this restaurant to prevent any future encounters with such unattractive ‘toppings’ in their meals. The reactions to the post varied greatly, with comments ranging from sarcastic appreciation of the ‘extra’ ingredient to outright disgust and requests for the restaurant’s name for absolute avoidance.

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One user quipped…

“The restaurant added a free topping, glossy and full-bodied.”

Another took a more dramatic tone…

“If it were me, I wouldn’t dare to order food again!”

Another attempted humour, stating…

“Proves that the food from this restaurant is rich. It had a beetle soaking in the bowl, but you didn’t smell anything strange until you almost finished it all.”

An agitated netizen pleaded…

“Please give the public the name of the restaurant. We need to avoid it!”

Another said…

“If I were you, I’d faint and rush to the hospital for a colon cleanse. I couldn’t bear the shock!”

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