Scorpions found in Longkong fruit: Thai mother stung in southern Thailand

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A woman needed medical attention after getting stung by a scorpion after the deadly creature made a nest in some Longkong fruit in southern Thailand.

A Thai man alerted fellow netizens after finding four of these deadly creatures hiding within 2 kilogrammes of the fruit bought for his mother. The shocking incident led to an outpouring of similar experiences from the online community, proving the encounter was not a one-off.

Tanadul Pengmeesri yesterday took to the Facebook group to share his eye-opening experience.

Tanadul said…

“Warn friends to check Longkong fruit before consuming. You might find scorpions. Mum bought 2 kilogrammes and found four of them. They were hidden in the clusters. She was stung and we had to immerse the fruit in water to lure them out.”

After the stinging encounter, his mother, who is now well, received treatment to reduce swelling.

This real-life cautionary tale quickly gained traction on the platform, attracting close to a thousand likes. Many took to the comments section not only to voice their thoughts but also to share their hair-raising encounters with bugs among their farm produce.

A user from southern Thailand commented…

“We call them Tuay Mun. They’re potent scorpions. They love climbing and resting at high points. Towels and horse cloths hanging on walls are their favourite spots.”

Other netizens shared…

“I have heard about these stories but never bothered to soak the fruit in water. I have been lucky so far. But I will be careful next time.”

“I have found ants, tiny beetles and small white scorpions. Be careful.”

“I just had such an encounter this morning. A few days ago I brought stuff from the market in my car boot. Today when I got to work I found scorpions like this behind the car. Couldn’t figure out how it got there. Now I know.”

One user described a chaotic scene after a queen insect suddenly dashed out from the cluster, causing the baby insects to follow, creating a frenzy.

Another shared his surprise at finding a red creature similar to a centipede, apparently from Longkong, despite never having seen one before in northern Thailand, reported Sanook.

One user reported finding a big worm in the clusters. The user said…

“It was large and looked like this. When I touched it, it reared up to look at me. I was shocked to death.”

Some users shared the discomfort caused by unexpected mishaps.

“Once I stepped barefoot on one, the sting heated up instantly. I almost passed out.”

While another revealed his tortuous ordeal after a run-in with a small hornet that came with the Longkong, which caused severe pain for three days.

“In one cluster, if you soak it in water, you will find a variety of insects.”

This cautionary tale comes as a timely reminder to consumers to thoroughly wash and check fruits before consumption, as unwanted critters could be hiding in them, posing a potential danger to those unsuspecting.

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