Vietnamese husband’s surprise birthday party touches hearts online

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A heartfelt gesture by a loving husband has warmed hearts online. Despite their modest means, he managed to throw a surprise birthday party for his wife. This event, filled with warmth and love, was reported on the Vietnamese website and has since gone viral on social media.

The surprise birthday party video captured an emotional and adorable moment between the couple. The husband had worked hard to prepare a small birthday celebration for his wife. Although they didn’t have much money, he made an effort to prepare a special cake and gift for her.

The surprise birthday party was a cake with a twist. Hidden inside the cake were banknotes, each worth 2,000 dongs (3 baht). There were a hundred of these notes inside the cake, to be slowly pulled out by his wife.

The wife’s reaction to this unexpected gift was priceless. Her smile never faded, while the husband, overwhelmed by her happiness, couldn’t hold back his tears. He wept loudly and could only hold her in a tight hug.

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Those who attended this small yet intimate surprise birthday party celebration were equally touched. Not only did they extend their wishes and blessings to the birthday woman, but they also admired the couple’s love for each other.

The online community also praised the couple’s love after watching the short surprise birthday party clip. They commended the husband’s effort to make his wife happy on her special day, despite their financial constraints, reported Sanook.

“Such a beautiful love story. They look so happy and contented together.”

“You can see how much the husband loves his wife. Despite their hardships and limited resources, he did everything he could to make her happy.”

“Watching this adorable clip inspires me to get married.”

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