Lost in paradise: British tourist forgets hotel name in Phuket, ends up at airport

Photo: by Fabian Wiktor, on Pexels.

In a rather unusual turn of events in Phuket, a British tourist suffering from amnesia found himself lost and unable to recall the name or location of his hotel in Thalang. This unexpected predicament led him to seek the aid of the Phuket Tourist Police and the Phuket Tourist Assistance Centre at Phuket International Airport.

The incident unfolded today, October 5, when the British man, whose identity has been kept confidential, approached the Phuket Tourist Assistance Centre. The British tourist recounted his situation, explaining that he experienced a memory lapse and was unable to remember crucial details about his hotel, including its name and location. This lack of recollection prompted him to head to the airport and ask for assistance.

Trying to provide as much information as possible, the British tourist described the hotel’s appearance and approximated its distance from the airport. With the sparse details he provided, the Phuket Tourist Police managed to identify the hotel conveniently located near the airport.

Upon contacting the hotel, the staff confirmed that the man was indeed a guest and that he had been staying there with his wife. They reported that he had gone missing just after midnight on the same day. However, the specific details surrounding his disappearance and sudden memory loss remained enveloped in mystery.

Following the identification process, the British tourist was safely escorted back to his hotel, whose name has not been disclosed. He expressed gratitude and thanked the Phuket Tourist Police and the Phuket Tourist Assistance Centre for their assistance in resolving his predicament.

Yet, certain aspects of the situation remain unclear, such as the whereabouts of the man’s wife during the incident and the reason behind his decision to seek help from the airport instead of a local police station.

Despite these unanswered queries, this unusual incident underscores the important role that the Phuket Tourist Police and the Phuket Tourist Assistance Centre play in ensuring the safety and well-being of tourists in Phuket, even in the most peculiar situations.

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