Malaysian bride’s feast fiasco: Uninvited ‘wedding crashers’ sneak in for a bite-sized sequel

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A Malaysian bride was left angered by uninvited guests who snuck into her wedding reception for a free meal in what sounds like a sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster the Wedding Crashers. Despite careful planning for each table, the couple received complaints from guests that there were no seats available. Upon investigation, they discovered that unfamiliar faces had infiltrated the event.

The bride, a local singer, subsequently took to Facebook on November 7 to criticise the intruders and apologise to friends and family who were left without a seat due to the uninvited guests taking their places. Among the posted photographs was a man, wearing a shirt and headphones, enjoying a meal.

The bride confirmed she did not know him but his odd behaviour made her close friend suspicious. When questioned, he claimed to be the bride’s neighbour. The bride’s real neighbour, who was nearby, quickly denied having ever seen him before, reported Sanook.

Although the man was caught, he did not leave the reception but simply moved to another empty table to continue eating and drinking. His actions were described by the bride as “shameless.”

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“If you can’t afford to eat, I would buy food and donate money to you. But being an uninvited guest and coming in to eat and drink like this is shameless.”

The bride added that she received messages from friends and relatives asking about a strange aunt who was sitting at their table.

“There were too many strangers mixed into the banquet. They took the seats of guests, causing chaos.”

Luckily, the wedding venue had spare tables to accommodate the guests.

After the story was shared, several Malaysian social media users recognised the man in the photograph, often appearing at wedding events.

They believe that the group of strangers at this wedding have attended numerous other events and they often wear headphones to coordinate with each other and plan escape routes if they are caught.

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