Ukrainian cosplayer Karina’s husband Johnny drowns in Bali

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A tragic incident occurred in Bali, Indonesia when the husband of a well-known cosplayer lost his life to a rogue wave. The couple were on a trip to celebrate the husband’s birthday when tragedy struck, causing a stir on China‘s social media platform Weibo.

Karina, a famous cosplayer, and her 34 year old husband Johnny had travelled to Bali to celebrate Johnny’s birthday. They had been staying at a local hotel since November 6. The following day, on Johnny’s birthday, the pair along with their friends went to the beach and swam quite a distance from the shore, which was designated as a dangerous zone. Johnny got caught in a current and was swept away.

While Karina tried to swim to his aid, she ended up going under the water. Fortunately, she was rescued in time, but her husband Johnny was not so fortunate. Yesterday, the rescue team found Johnny’s body, reported Sanook.

Johnny’s family has since travelled from Xiamen to Bali. The incident has drawn significant attention from Chinese citizens, with Johnny becoming a hot search term on Weibo from last night until now.

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Karina is a successful Ukrainian cosplayer who mainly works in China. She stands 188 centimetres tall and is known for her unisex beauty.

Karina is famously known for her cosplaying skills and for dressing up as a man, and she has over 2.4 million fans on her Weibo account. She and her husband Johnny were married and had a cute little daughter. Their wedding garnered a lot of attention from her followers and the media.

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