Man’s dilemma: Wife’s abuse weighed against bedroom skills sparks debate

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A man sought advice on social media after being physically abused by his wife. Despite his longing to end their relationship, he admits that her exceptional skills in bed have left him in disarray.

The man, married for five years, has been subjected to ongoing abuse from the start of their relationship but remained silent due to his wife’s good care for his parents and her prowess in bed. The story was reported in Nigerian media. The man shared…

“I have been married for five years and I am not happy. I have not divorced her yet because she is very good to my parents. But she enjoys beating me at home. I feel ashamed to speak about many things. I want to divorce her, but she is very good in bed. I am slowly dying at home.”

The public’s advice varied on the matter. While understanding that domestic violence should never be tolerated, they acknowledged the importance of a satisfying intimate life. Some of the varied counsels included…

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“Finding a woman who is smart in bed is not easy.”

“Try communicating with her to avoid getting beaten.”

“She enjoys beating him as much as he enjoys sleeping with her.”

“Morning for beating, and night for pleasure.”

The public’s divided sentiment hints at the complexity of the situation.

In another story involving abuse, yesterday, the husband of a 44 year old woman found dead in her rented room confessed to her murder and shed light on a history of domestic abuse.

The police took note of the fact that the deceased had lodged three complaints against her husband for physical abuse. The accused husband, now in custody, confessed to the murder, stating that their escalating disputes had led him to lose control. The incident took place in the Nong Kham district of Sri Racha, Chon Buri.

Upon receiving a distress call, Officer Naphadol Wandee of Nongkham Police Station hurried to the rented property in Nong Kham, accompanied by investigating officers and rescue staff from Pure Yiang Tai Sri Racha. To read more click HERE.

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