Reddit user’s video sparks debate over mysterious 514 scribbled by food delivery rider

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A recent video posted on Reddit by a user named @yellowenthusiastt sparked a heated debate, revolving around the puzzling number 514 written by a food delivery rider outside her house. The woman, who had ordered food online, was left bewildered by this random act, which led to a flurry of speculation among netizens.

The video shows the food delivery rider, carrying a black bag of food, completing the delivery and then curiously returning to his vehicle to get a pen. He then scribbles the number 514 outside the house without any other explanation. This left the woman perplexed, and unable to decipher what these numbers could mean.

The post stirred considerable debate among online users, with the majority theorising that these numbers might be a certain symbol indicating that the residence is a top target for robbers.

One netizen said…

“As a person from South America, in my country, when burglars see a house that might have valuables, they mark the house for future robbery plans (usually with several accomplices). They use different symbols and codes to communicate what’s inside the house (like dogs, armed homeowners, high-tech security devices, and art).”

However, several other netizens guessed that the rider might have had good intentions, attempting to write the woman’s house number on the front after noticing the absence of one.

The woman, in response to the incident, had reported it to the police and the food delivery company the rider worked for, in the interest of safety. She confirmed that her family hadn’t displayed the house number as they were still renovating the old house.

“514 isn’t our house number.”

One curious netizen even searched Google and found that 514 corresponds to an angelic guardian number, which could be aligned with the act of writing it at the entrance of the house as if to ward off evil, reported KhaoSod. However, the true motive behind this strange act by the rider remains a mystery.

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