New era in Thai law enforcement as Torasak Sukwimon steps into National Police Chief role

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The newly appointed National Police Chief, Torasak Sukwimon, accompanied by his wife, Nipaphan Sukwimon, and several police officers, performed a sacred ceremony at the National Police Office in Pathumwan earlier today, October 1.

Following a royal command, Torasak was relieved of his previous position as Deputy National Police Chief and ascended to the position of National Police Chief of the National Police Office, effective from October 1.

Torasak, with his wife Nipaphan by his side, was part of the ritual at the National Police Office. The ceremony was attended by various police officers, signifying unity and cooperation within the ranks. The event was marked by a deep respect for tradition and the law enforcement institution’s core values.

The ascension to the role of National Police Chief came after a royal decree, highlighting the significance of his appointment. The royal command signified a notable transition in the National Police Office’s leadership, marking a new era in national law enforcement.

Torasak’s appointment is expected to bring about changes and a new direction for the National Police Office.

The ceremony at the National Police Office is a long-standing tradition that highlights the continuity and respect for sacred rituals in Thai institutions. The event was not just a change in leadership, but also an affirmation of the commitment to uphold the law and serve the nation.

New chapter

The appointment of Torasak as the National Police Chief signifies a new chapter in the National Police Office. With years of experience and a clear vision for the future, the office is expected to continue its critical role in maintaining peace and order across the nation. As Torasak steps into his new role, the police force stands ready to face the challenges ahead and serve the nation with integrity and dedication.

“From today, I am honoured to serve as the National Police Chief. I am committed to carrying out my duties with the utmost integrity and dedication. I am grateful for the trust placed in me and will do my utmost to uphold the law and protect the people.”

With the dawn of this new era in the National Police Office, the nation looks forward to seeing how the leadership under Torasak will shape the future of law enforcement in Thailand. The commitment to upholding the law and serving the people remains the primary focus, as the new leadership takes charge, Sanook reported.

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