Myanmar to reopen April 17 to travellers from abroad

After two years, Myanmar will finally allow international tourists to enter the country starting April 17. Visitors must be fully vaccinated, and will be required to quarantine for a week, according to the country’s health ministry. They will also have to take two RT-PCR tests.

Apart from the ongoing violence against its own citizens and the current military government unrecognised by the rest of the world, it sounds like a great idea!

Myanmar has been shut off from the rest of the world following the February 2021 coup on top of Covid-19. The military junta government started to discuss reopening its border last year, wanting to take advantage of tourism opportunities from local traditional holidays.

Foreigners left Myanmar after last year’s coup caused a brutal crackdown against dissidents, protesters and ethnic militias. But now, the country’s disease prevention committee says it would like to see visitors return.

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“In order to improve the tourism business sector, and in order to have smooth trip for visitors who come to visit Myanmar”.

Myanmar still faces numerous issues with censorship and suppression under the current military junta. Earlier this month, the junta revoked the citizenships of several members of opposition parties, including from the previous civilian government. Many members have also been exiled since the coup. Myanmar’s military also stands accused of war crimes against ethnic minority groups. More than 1,600 people have been killed since the coup.

Myanmar has had a total of 608,000 Covid-19 cases. Last year, the country reached its peak of 40,000 cases a day. It has had almost 20,000 Covid-19 related deaths.

The news of Myanmar’s reopening comes just after neighbouring Cambodia stopped requiring Covid-19 tests for international travellers upon arrival this week. Meanwhile, Thailand will scrap requirements for pre-departure Covid-19 tests for foreign arrivals in April.

Apart from the Myanmar military’s invitation to return, The Thaiger would urge all potential travellers to do a lot of homework before making a decision to travel into Myanmar at this time.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Worldometers

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