Myanmar junta revokes citizenship for National Unity Government members

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Myanmar’s junta government announced today that it revoked the citizenships of several members of the country’s opposition government, which it considers a ‘terrorist’ group. This ‘opposition’ is mainly composed of the previously elected government that were overthrown on February 1, 2021.

The Bangkok Post did not report the total number of members whose citizenships were revoked. But it included the opposition’s minister of foreign affairs, its home minister, and its human rights minister. The junta wrote about this decision in a notice in a state-run newspaper, alleging the opposition had violated laws.

“…found to be committing acts that could harm the interests of Myanmar”.

Many members of Myanmar’s opposition party, the National Unity Government, have been in exile from Myanmar since the coup of February 2021. After the coup, the NUG’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, was imprisoned. The NUG is made up of representatives of several ethnic minority groups, many of whom have had ongoing conflicts with Myanmar’s junta government.

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This week, a United States government spokesman said the US would invite a ‘non-political’ representative from Myanmar’s junta to an ASEAN summit. The spokesman said this is to hold Myanmar accountable for rights violations. The invitation is in line with previous invitations from ASEAN which has not included representatives from the current Junta leadership.

“The regime has failed to make meaningful progress on ASEAN’s five-point consensus and should be held accountable”.

The five-point consensus by ASEAN demands that Myanmar halt violence from all parties and use constructive dialogue to seek peace. It also said that a special envoy of the ASEAN chair should facilitate the mediation process, with help from the ASEAN secretary-general. Last year, ASEAN blocked the junta from key meetings when it failed to honour the consensus.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | France 24

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