Love gone awry: Indian man arrested for grisly ‘cooking’ of girlfriend’s remains

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Mumbai Police arrested an Indian man for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, dismembering her body, and boiling the pieces in a pressure cooker. The arrest of 56 year old Manoch Sane followed a neighbour’s complaint of a foul odour emanating from the couple’s Mumbai apartment.

Law enforcement searching the residence discovered several cans with human body parts inside, with more in a blender and pressure cooker. It has been reported that Sane cooked 32 year old Saraswati Vaidya’s remains to eliminate the smell. The parts have been sent to JJ Hospital for further investigation. The police arrested the Indian man on Wednesday, June 7.

Mumbai Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jayant Bajbale, said…

“The accused killed his live-in partner and chopped her into pieces using a tree cutter.”

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Sane had claimed to investigators that Vaidya died by suicide due to poisoning, and he dismembered her body out of fear of being held responsible.

The Indian man also told authorities that he is HIV-positive and did not have a romantic relationship with Vaidya, who he said he treated like a daughter. The police are currently verifying Sane’s statements and examining the couple’s background, as they had reportedly been living together since 2014, after becoming acquainted through work in 2016, reported KhaoSod.

Two weeks ago, police detained a 47 year old man for the alleged murder of his 21 year old girlfriend at a resort in the Isaan province of Buriram. The man confessed to physically assaulting the woman but said he did not expect her to die.

The incident took place at a resort in Lam Plai Mart district of Buriram province on Wednesday, May 24 when the couple and their tomboy friend checked in to stay the night. The woman, 21 year old Jurarat, was found dead the following day. Her boyfriend and tomboy friend claimed that she tried to end her life. To read more click here.

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