Coin-operated dreams come true: Malaysian man buys iPhone 14 after 7-year savings journey

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A 30 year old Malaysian man recently bought an iPhone 14 using coins he had been saving for seven years. The story of Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Hamid’s long quest to buy the iPhone was revealed in a video posted on TikTok on September 1.

The video, posted by @bifoty_camper, showed Hamid pouring coins out of a 19-litre water jug that had been converted into a piggy bank. The clip included the caption, “The result of saving for seven years. Thank God.”

In the video, Hamid, along with two to three family members, was seen struggling to empty the jug due to its narrow opening. Eventually, a saw was used to cut the jug in half. The family then neatly stacked the coins into rows.

Hamid explained that it took him, his wife, sister, and sister-in-law three hours to count the coins. They totalled 5,360 Malaysian ringgit (41,300 baht), enough to buy an iPhone 14.

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Hamid admitted surprise at the amount he had saved. His coin collection hobby began in 2016, initially using a mug and a tin can. As the years passed, the increasing number of coins necessitated the use of a larger water jug.

Hamid, who works as a cleaning supervisor at a hotel in Penang, also said that he would often exchange banknotes for 50-cent ringgit coins with relatives and friends, reported Sanook.

After the coins were counted, Hamid took them to six different banks to exchange them for banknotes.

“The banks said their machines couldn’t take too many coins, otherwise they would break.”

However, it seems that this hobby has come to an end as Hamid found the process of counting the coins tiresome.

“Once is enough. I’m really happy to own an iPhone 14.”

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