Homeless man in China teaches English to students on pavement, exchanges knowledge for money

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A homeless man in China’s Hebei province has captured netizens’ attention for teaching English lessons to groups of students on a pavement rather than begging for money. With a fascinating background, his lessons cost between 24-122 baht per hour or an equal value in fruits and vegetables.

Website CTWANT reported on this homeless man in Hebei province who has garnered interest online after people discovered him teaching English to a group of students using street-side pavement as a makeshift classroom. Despite his unkempt appearance, unkempt hair and dirty clothes, he has an extraordinary background.

According to the report, this homeless man earns a living by providing private English tutoring sessions to students ranging from primary to high school levels. His small whiteboard displays a self-introduction stating that he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from an institution in Hebei province, as well as a Master’s degree from Hebei Science and Technology University.

He offers English lessons to primary and secondary school students at prices ranging from 24-48 baht for junior high school students, and 73-122 baht for senior high school students. Alternatively, students can provide fruits and vegetables of equal value as payment. The tutor requests that the children bring their own textbooks for the lessons.

Pictures show several students sitting on the ground, attentively listening to his explanations. When not teaching, he uses a red carpet that serves as a teaching surface to sleep on.

After the homeless man’s story went viral, netizens praised his independence, free-spirited lifestyle, and likened him to a wandering teacher.

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