Ex-couple’s gun duel over jealousy stirs up neighbourhood, police on hunt

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Today, an altercation between a jealous ex-husband and his ex-wife’s new boyfriend led to a heated exchange of gunfire in front of a house in Tha Mi Ram, Phatthalung province. Police are on the hunt for both men involved in the incident.

The scene of the crime was a single-storey concrete house owned by 22 year old Radamanee, who stood outside waiting to give her statement to the police. Later, investigators escorted her to the local police station for further questioning. Approximately 60 metres away from the property, officers discovered evidence of the shooting, including bullet holes in a refrigerated truck and a tree.

According to initial inquiries, the conflict began earlier that morning, when Parames, Rattamanee’s ex-husband, arrived at her home to drop off their 7-month-old daughter. The couple had only separated three months prior, but Paramet continued to maintain a close relationship with their child. Upon his arrival, he saw Rattamanee chatting with 21 year old named K on her mobile phone. Consumed by jealousy, Paramet snatched the phone and began hurling insults at K through text messages.

Tensions escalated further when K subsequently arrived at the scene on his motorcycle. As he was about to dismount, Paramet shot at him once using a shotgun. Insistent on fighting back, K pulled out a handgun and fired two shots, though neither hit their intended target. Following the brief exchange of gunfire, both men fled the scene.

The police are currently searching for both Paramet and K, with plans to interrogate them further before moving forward with legal proceedings. The two individuals are expected to face attempted murder charges.

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