Mud-ering the mood: Ex-girlfriend’s clay ambush on bride disrupts Vietnamese wedding

Photo: KhaoSod.

A joyous wedding ceremony in Vietnam turned into a shocking spectacle when the groom’s ex-girlfriend stormed the ceremony, hurling clay at the bride. The incident, which quickly went viral on Vietnamese social media, showed the bride preparing to walk down the aisle when she was suddenly covered in clay.

In the shared video, the groom and bride are seen walking into the ceremony before a woman bursts in and throws clay at them. The ex-girlfriend then flees the scene, leaving the bride’s face and dress covered in clay. Bystanders immediately rush to help clean the bride. Reports indicate that the incident occurred in the Takhah district of Ha Tinh province.

The chairperson of the local community committee, Chen Ba Huan, revealed that the woman who threw the clay was the groom’s ex-girlfriend. The couple had previously been in a relationship and had a child together. However, the groom’s family disapproved of the match and prevented the couple from getting married, leading to the woman’s resentment and the resulting disruption at the wedding ceremony, reported KhaoSod.

In addition, Chen added that the bride was later harassed by the ex-girlfriend’s relatives and had to be hospitalised.

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The police are now conducting an investigation into the incident. This startling event has once again sparked discussions around societal norms and cultural expectations in relation to weddings and relationships.

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