Ex marks the text: Woman astonished as ex-boyfriend taps her to script wedding vows

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A woman was shocked after her ex-boyfriend, who was due to be married, requested her to pen his wedding vows for his soon-to-be bride. The startling revelation came from a Taiwanese website, Next Apple, where the woman posted about her peculiar predicament, sparking a heated debate among netizens.

The woman explained that her ex-lover is set to tie the knot next month. He managed to acquire her new contact line under the pretence of settling a debt, only to send her a private message asking for her help to pen down his wedding vows.

“Could you help me write some touching words for the other party at the wedding?”

Taken aback, she questioned…

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“Can’t your girlfriend write it?”

His audacious response was not only, “My girlfriend can’t write the feelings I want,” but also, “Actually, I still think about the time with you.”

She immediately rebuked him.

“You’re so shameless. Does your girlfriend know you’re asking me for help?”

He replied…

“My girlfriend knows and agrees with me.”

Enraged by his audacity, she blocked him, remarking…

“I think this couple is crazy. They deserve to be dumped.”

After the story surfaced, it ignited a fierce debate among netizens. Some were furious, labelling the man as “trash” while others speculated that the man could be lying, as it seems implausible for a normal person to allow their partner to request their ex to write their wedding vows, reported Sanook.

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