Public misconduct: Elderly woman removed from Chinese train for occupying three seats

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Drama unfolded on a Chinese train when an elderly woman refused to give up occupying three seats, signifying public misconduct. Despite other passengers’ concerns and the attempts of the train staff, the woman clung to her self-imposed entitlement, ultimately leading to her removal from the train.

In the province of Liaoning, China, an elderly woman was found sprawled out, claiming three seats on a train. She was reportedly on her way to Beijing to see a doctor and was unresponsive to the pleas of other passengers. This act of public misconduct left her fellow travellers in despair, with their last resort being to call on the train crew for aid.

However, no amount of reasoning from the train crew could convince the woman to move. She claimed, “I am hurt. My legs are numb, and I can’t get up. It feels as though I am dying when I try to sit. Leave me alone.”

The reply left the crew member questioning her condition, asking if she was sure she was unable to stand, and that it was against regulations to occupy other passengers’ seats. The woman persisted, insisting, “My legs aren’t good.”

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Throughout the ordeal, the train personnel expressed patience and attempted to help adjust her seating, maintaining composure despite her claims, “Don’t mess with me anymore, I’m unwell,” which took everyone by surprise.

When this incident became public, intense online debate was sparked regarding public misconduct, with netizens criticizing the elderly woman’s behaviour on public transport. Remarks flooded in, accusing her of being inconsiderate and abusing her age to manipulate others, reported Sanook.

“This kind of attitude, even after the staff adjusted the seats, she refused to move. It’s clear she really intends to keep lying down.”

“Claiming sickness and frailty, then forcing others to yield to her. This is a gangster trait of previous times.”

“If the government does not punish such selfishness, it makes society degenerate. If everyone behaves like this, societal ethics will become just this. It is no wonder corruption exists.”

“If her health is that bad, why travel by train? Isn’t it more convenient to call an ambulance? Then the entire carriage can be hers.”

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