Transgender identity revelation: Social worker’s love for accident victim unravels a journey of self discovery

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A 40 year old man met with an accident, left helpless in a hospital before he was fortunately cared for by a 63 year old woman. Their affection escalated leading to a marriage, only then he discovered she wasn’t a woman, leading to an unexpected transgender identity revelation.

The story of 63 year old Kalin, a dedicated social worker frequently visiting the hospital to care independently for elderly patients, surfaced on the website yeah1. On one occasion, she stumbled upon a 40 year old man who had recently been in an accident.

After the man’s disastrous car accident, all his valuable belongings disappeared. However, his good fortune was that he was taken to a hospital by a Good Samaritan. Unfortunately, a lack of identification or documents that could reveal his identity left the hospital authorities clueless about contacting anyone related, hence he was left to the kind fate of being taken care of by Kalin. Kalin said…

“More than half of my life has been dedicated to helping people. I have cared for numerous patients, some are still alive while others have passed away. At that time, I was taking care of an 85 year old lady in the hospital for three months. She was about to be discharged when this man came in after an accident. He had no relatives to look after him. So, after my duty caring for the elderly lady was over, I started caring for him.”

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After a long time of care, the two fell in love with each other and decided to get married. Kalin admitted that she had been so engrossed in her charity work before that she had never thought about love or marriage. Therefore, he was the first man in her life. When she decided to spend the rest of her life with him, she mustered the courage to disclose the truth about her gender to him, stating she wasn’t a woman.

“I’m not 100% woman! I was born with a male body but my mind is of a girl. In the old days, the elders wouldn’t accept this. Therefore, I had to try hard to cover up my real transgender identity until I grew up to be an adult. Then I became bold enough to disclose this.”

She no longer has to worry about this aspect anymore, as despite her husband knowing about her transgender identity, he embraces everything and takes pride in being her spouse. He stated that all he needs is someone who truly loves him regardless of their gender. Today, they live a joyful life every day in a bamboo cabin, reported Sanook.

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