Drunken man’s dangerous stunt with python nearly turns fatal in Kerala

Photo: India Today.

A near-death experience unfolded in Kerala, India, as a drunken man sought to showcase his bravado by enacting a stunt with a giant python. The man, known as Chandran, was heading home in a state of inebriation when he picked up the python from the roadside and began to perform stunts with it, turning the heads of passers-by.

This audacious python stunt took place near the Valapattanam toll gate on October 21. Chandran, under the influence of alcohol, decided to drape the large snake around his neck and display the spectacle to the crowd. This drew the attention of people passing by, leading him to a nearby petrol station to have his picture taken with the snake.

However, the situation rapidly devolved into danger when the python tightened its grip around Chandran’s neck, causing him to convulse and fall to the ground. Initially, onlookers thought the convulsions were a result of alcohol intoxication, but as they grew in intensity, it became clear something was seriously amiss.

A quick-thinking man in the vicinity bravely sprang into action, using a sack to handle the snake and successfully removing it from Chandran’s neck, potentially saving his life. As this was happening, the python swiftly slithered off into the nearby forest. The entirety of this python stunt was captured in a video by the surrounding crowd, reported Sanook.

Pythons, although not typically aggressive towards humans, can attack when they feel threatened, scared, or mistake a human limb for food. They are capable of delivering a deadly bite and constricting their prey to death. Even without venom, the attack of a large python can be devastatingly violent. There have been several instances in the past where pythons have attacked, killed, and even consumed humans.

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