British man suffers broken nose after stumbling over road stud in Pattaya (video)

Photo via Facebook/ หนังสือพิมพ์รายวัน.สยามประชา and สรยุทธ สุทัศนะจินดา กรรมกรข่าว

President of the Pattaya Entertainment Business Association urged local authorities to take action after a British man stumbled on a stud on Jomtien Beach Road in Pattaya and suffered a broken nose.

CCTV footage along Jomtien Beach Road in Pattaya showed a British man crossing the road and tripping over the road stud. He fell to the ground as his face hit the road. Locals in the area rushed to the foreigner’s aid and took him to hospital. It was reported that the Englishman had a broken nose.

Lisa Hamilton expressed her concern about the incident and recalled other similar occurrences in the same location. She said a Canadian man stumbled on a road stud in the same spot and suffered broken ribs.

Hamilton said the foreign man needed five stitches and was unable to walk after the accident. However, he did not file a complaint and simply travelled back to his home country. Many other foreigners and locals, especially when riding motorcycles, are reportedly tripping over the studs and the Pattaya Entertainment Business Association president thought it was time to solve the problem.

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Hamilton made known that she had reported the problem to the authorities on several occasions but they had refused to deal with it because the studs had been installed when the former mayor was in office.

Hamilton went on to explain that no one took the issue seriously but she felt it could affect Pattaya’s image and reputation if someone died or was seriously injured.

After the story went viral on Thai social media, Pattaya City authorities took swift action by removing the road studs from the area today.

The Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City clarified that the studs were installed in 2022 to enhance visibility for drivers by reflecting the lights of passing vehicles to make the road’s lanes clearer. The Deputy Mayor insisted that all the studs have already been removed and a zebra crossing will be installed for safer crossing of the road.

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