Chinese man uncovers wife’s affair after DNA test on non-resembling newborn

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In a shocking revelation, a man discovered his newborn son was not his biological child when his mother-in-law increasingly insisted that his wife divorce him. Hailing from Nanchang City, in Jiangxi province, China, the man was perplexed at the sudden upheaval through a DNA test within his once-content family.

Reflecting on the birth of his first son, he recalled feeling slight discomfort as the baby bore no resemblance to either parent. The unnerving behaviour of his mother-in-law prompted him to revisit this worry. Although he confided in his mother, she advised against a DNA test, fearing a major family dispute and disgrace.

Despite the initial hesitation, he held firmly that the only solution to end the uncertainty was a DNA test. He took his son for the quiet test, the results of which left him reeling. The child was not his. His wife was proven guilty of an extramarital affair.

Angered, he presented the results of the DNA test before his wife’s family, demanding an explanation. Instead of shock, they displayed indifference, as if they were aware of the secret all along.

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On further investigation with help from the press and through DNA test results, he found that his wife was involved with a married man, the man’s wife was aware of the affair but chose to remain silent. When she discovered his wife was pregnant, she gave her 40,000 yuan (approximately 190,000 baht) to have an abortion, reported Sanook.

His wife accepted the money but did not go through with the abortion, deciding instead to pass the child off as belonging to her husband. Eventually, when the secret was out, she packed her bags and returned to her parent’s home, showing no concern for their biological daughter.

The humiliated and angry man, with a journalist by his side, confronted his wife at her parent’s house after the DNA test results. While she conceded that she had been physically beaten by her husband, he admitted to the assault but insisted it was provoked and was an outcome of uncontrollable anger. She argued that an affair was a mere moral wrongdoing whereas his physical attack was a legal offence.

Eventually, having reached a stalemate, the man decided to take the matter to court in hopes of justice.

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