DNA test

  • Thailand News

    Interfering mother-in-law’s secret affair exposed after accusing daughter-in-law of cheating

    An interfering mother-in-law’s secret affair was exposed after she accused her daughter-in-law of cheating. The meddlesome mum-in-law’s remarks on how different her new granddaughter looked compared to other members of the family forced the new mother to insist on DNA tests for all of the family. The woman had given birth to a beautiful daughter with mesmerising green eyes that,…

  • Expats

    Man discovers his 17 year old twins aren’t his, DNA test reveals wife’s cheating

    A man was left stunned after discovering that his wife cheated on him and that the twins he had raised for 17 years were not his children after they took a random DNA test. The unnamed American man immediately realised that his wife had cheated on him when news of the DNA test was revealed. He shared the story on…