Woman’s public plea to remarry ex-husband backfires as truth unfolds

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A woman‘s attempt to persuade her ex-husband to remarry her has gained attention online, sparking criticism and ridicule from netizens. The incident occurred on June 12 in Shandong, China. However, the ex-husband revealed a different side to the story, saying it was not him but her who had initiated the divorce.

The woman held a large sign in front of the office building where her ex-husband was suspected to work. The message on the sign read, “My husband, I admit my mistake. I just want to remarry and have a child with you, build a complete family. I will wait for you here forever.” The woman kneeled for six hours under the blazing sun, occasionally calling her ex-husband’s name in hopes he would come to speak with her.

Bystanders had differing opinions on the situation, with some expressing sympathy for the woman, while others assumed the ex-husband to be cold-hearted. However, the truth that emerged later changed their perspective.

The ex-husband took to social media to explain that he was the “victim” in their marriage, as his wife suddenly ended their apparently happy relationship. The man begged his wife to reconsider their divorce, desperately promising to do anything to keep her. Regardless, she left him heartbroken. After their divorce, the ex-husband announced he would have no more sympathy for his ex-wife and would not reunite with her. Still, the woman claimed she regretted her decision and wanted to remarry him even though he insisted that marriage was not a matter to be taken lightly, Khaosod reported.

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Seeing her ex-husband’s unwavering stance, the woman resorted to holding up the sign in front of his workplace to force a conversation. Their story attracted the attention of netizens, who harshly critiqued and mocked the woman.

One netizen commented, “I really don’t understand what she was thinking. If she knew the outcome beforehand, why would she still do this?” Another added, “If I were the man, I would do the same as him because that’s the price the ex-wife needs to pay for her betrayal.” Lastly, a netizen stated, “Marriage isn’t just about two people; it involves many others too. It’s not as simple as thinking if you don’t want to be married anymore, you simply divorce.”

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