Unfinished 29 million baht tourist centre in Satun languishes after 6 years: Governor’s brother implicated

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A tourist service centre worth 29 million baht in Khuan Don, Satun province, remains incomplete after six years, despite pledges to expedite construction. The contractor for the project is the younger brother of the local governor.

On Facebook, the watchdog page “Operation Dog Guarding House” exposed the construction of a tourist service centre located in Khuan Don, Satun province. The project, with a budget of 29,798,000 baht (US$855,121), was approved in 2016. The contract was awarded to Giat Jaroenchai Karnchang Company, a construction company owned by the younger brother of Samrit Siangprasit, the governor of Satun. The centre was initially scheduled to be completed by December 22, 2017, but each year since the deadline passed, the project has faced significant delays and unfinished work.

In 2018, the project scope expanded to include the construction of a concrete road, parking area, retaining wall, and landscape improvements. Giat Jaroenchai Karnchang Company was granted an additional 12,990,000 baht (US$372,847) to execute the extended works. However, the tourist service centre remained incomplete even by 2019. In response to the delays, the governor assured the public that efforts would be made to expedite the project’s completion, KhaoSod reported.

Despite six years having passed since the original deadline, the centre remains unfinished. The neglected building is now showing signs of wear and tear, with algae stains, corroded roofing, and construction materials, such as plasterboard and tiles, accumulating in the surrounding areas.

The watchdog page also revealed that Governor Samrit has held his position for an extended period and is well-known for his connection to Giat Jaroenchai Karnchang Company. His younger brother, Somkiat, is the actual owner of the construction company involved in the tourist service centre project.

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