1.9 million baht hidden treasure discovered in Chinese apartment

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Residents in China’s Zhejiang province expressed amazement after a woman found a hidden treasure hoard inside the wall of her recently rented apartment. The unanticipated discovery contained gold and silver jewellery and cash totalling around 400,000 yuan, equivalent to approximately 1.9 million baht.

The unusual finding took place in Jinhua City, located in the Zhejiang Province of China. The female tenant, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was cleaning her newly leased apartment when she came across valuables concealed inside a wall. The astonishing hidden treasure, located behind a piece of furniture against the wall, consisted of a small safe full of gold necklaces, silver bracelets, assorted jewellery, and foreign money.

Though she must have been tempted to pocket the newfound fortune, the woman took the moral course instead. She immediately emptied the contents from the safe and brought the hidden treasures to the building’s management team, with the hope they could track down and return the property to its rightful owner.

Research later uncovered that the apartment had previously been the home of an elderly couple who had already passed away. The couple who originally lived in the apartment had stored their wealth in the hidden safe without informing their children. When the couple died, their children decided to sell the apartment, oblivious to the hidden wealth.

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The local community was impressed with the honesty of the new tenant. Her decision to return the hidden treasure sparked widespread admiration. The woman’s moral act served as a poignant reminder of the importance of honesty and integrity, reported KhaoSod.

Hidden discoveries have been on the rise. Just months ago, a Spanish man experienced a similar thrill when he stumbled upon a hidden treasure worth 2 million baht concealed within the walls of a dilapidated house he had recently purchased.

In a recent discovery at the Cressoni theatre in Italy, hundreds of Ancient Roman gold coins were found. The coins, dating back to around the 5th century, during the time of the last Roman emperors, are estimated to be worth millions. The find sheds light on the rich history of this ancient civilization and its enduring legacy.

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