Italian discovery of Ancient Roman gold coins worth millions found in Cressoni Theatre

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In an unexpected find, labourers sent to repair the basement of the Cressoni Theatre in Como, Italy, stumbled across an ancient pot laden with hundreds of gold coins. The Italian discovery put a halt to the repair work as crews set out to uncover further historical treasure.

The workers who initially embarked on repairing the basement floor of Como’s Cressoni Theatre were stunned at their discovery of a pot with a crack revealing an interior glistening with gold. A detailed examination revealed hundreds of gold coins remarkably preserved.

Following the Italian discovery, the labourers reported their find, and the Roman-era treasure was carefully relocated for a more thorough examination and preservation at a museum. Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage revealed that the gold coins date back to the last Roman emperors, around the 5th century.

While the exact number and the total value of the coins remain undisclosed, Italian media speculates that they may be worth several million dollars, reported Sanook.

Cressoni Theatre in Como was inaugurated in 1870, later converted into a cinema and finally shut down in 1997. Authorities had permitted the demolition of the building to make room for luxury residences before the historical discovery was made. However, the Italian discovery of the “pot of gold” prompted the Italian government to delay construction to accommodate a more comprehensive archaeological excavation in case more hidden treasures lay beneath.

Sudden ancient discoveries have been on the rise, showcasing the nation’s rich heritage from centuries ago.

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