Female teachers required to serve alcohol, dance at religious event

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An ongoing Thai school controversy has unfolded, involving a large school planning to host a religious “Pa Pha” ceremony, which attracted criticism due to directives issued that required female teachers to perform traditional dance and serve alcohol to guests. The incident has provoked heated discussions online following the incident’s exposure on social media.

The Thai school controversy came to light after a female teacher reported the issue through a social media page named “Teacher Indy.” She revealed that a large school yesterday was organising a “Pa Pha” school ceremony during which the female teachers were expected not only to dress up and dance as traditional dancers but also serve alcohol to the guests.

The plan fuelled online debates, and the page Teacher Indy responded sharply regarding the affair.

“These losers are having female teachers serve beer. If you want to drink… go to a pub. Message from home, want to drink… have your mom spoon-feed you.”

Just a short while after the post went live, additional details surfaced revealing excerpts from the official order document. It instructed female teachers to cheer guests, take care of those participating in traditional dances, and collect donations for the school, reported Sanook.

Female teachers were offended by being reduced to cocktail waitresses and entertainers, not garnering the respect they deserve as teachers. The Teacher Indy page added another message with updated details.

“Following up on yesterday’s post. One of the teachers shared that she was assigned by the principal to serve drinks for the welcoming party. One of the schools in the Northeastern region asked if this is how far they could go undermining the dignity and honour of Thai teachers. Studied hard to teach students and ended up being asked to do this.”

The activity drew intense criticism regarding its appropriateness with assertions that this was not a responsibility or role of female teachers. Those opposed to the order also used the opportunity to highlight the multitude of tasks Thai educators in the education system are required to undertake already. Extra chores ranging from paperwork to school security leave little time for actual teaching, the critics asserted.

But even with all the extra roles modern teachers are expected to fill in their jobs, nobody anticipated that the female teachers’ duties would extend to performing traditional dances, cheering for guests, and serving alcohol.

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