Husband evicts wife after uncovering secret meetings with ex in China

Photo: Sanook.

A man in China, frustrated with his wife’s secret rendezvous with her ex-husband, evicted her from their home. The wife’s secret meetings were discovered when she joined her ex-husband on a trip under the guise of a get-together with friends.

The couple’s life together was typical until the wife’s secret meetings were exposed. She had been married before, and her previous marriage had ended due to irreconcilable differences. Nevertheless, she maintained a close relationship with her ex-husband, often meeting him secretly.

The wife was recently persuaded to go on a trip with her ex-husband, who was facing business troubles and needed a break. She agreed without hesitation, packing her bags and leaving her current husband unaware of her real destination. The trip was reportedly filled with fun and laughter, indicating that she still had strong feelings for her ex-husband.

The husband, who was left at home, grew suspicious due to his wife’s indifference towards his pleas for her to return home. His doubts led him to investigate, uncovering his wife’s secret meetings with her ex-husband.

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Upon the wife’s return, the husband immediately threw her out, along with her luggage, causing her to fall to the ground. Realising that her husband knew about her secret, she feared that her second marriage could be over.

Public opinion on the incident has been largely critical of the wife, with many agreeing with the husband’s decision to evict her. Netizens suggested that maintaining distance from ex-partners is vital, especially when one has remarried. They opined that any relationship post-divorce should cease to prevent repercussions on a person’s new life.

However, some netizens also argued that it’s possible to be friends with an ex, but boundaries must be set and clear. They suggested that if a new partner is uncomfortable with such a relationship, a choice must be made to protect the current relationship, reported Sanook.

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