Fraudulent scheme: Thai model Emmy Maxim and secretary sentenced

Photo: Sanook.

A prominent 37 year old model and her personal secretary have been ordered by the court to serve two-month and 40-day detention respectively for their involvement in a fraudulent share scheme. Their victims included ten individuals who collectively filed a lawsuit after suffering significant financial losses. The initial court ruling dismissed the charges, which prompted the plaintiffs to appeal.

The appellate court revised the sentence, imposing a total of ten years and eight months imprisonment on Amonwan and 84 months and 40 days on personal secretary Jariya, in addition to financial restitution to the victims. Both defendants appealed against their sentences and were granted bail.

The model, Amonwan, known widely as Emmy Maxim, is a well-known actress and model. She, along with her secretary, administered a share trading group named Baan Tor Ngern Pha Ruay on Facebook and Instagram. They enticed a large number of people to participate in the fraudulent share scheme, resulting in substantial financial damage amounting to tens of millions of baht.

The court of appeal ruled that Amonwan’s secretary could not claim innocence on the grounds that she was following orders from the first defendant. Given her involvement in supporting the unlawful activities of Amonwan, the court used its discretion to determine the secretary’s sentence.

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Upon review, the Supreme Court decided that both the first and second defendants were guilty under Article 341 of the Penal Code. The court reduced the sentences of both defendants by one-third due to their favourable investigative conduct, as per Article 78 of the Penal Code.

The final sentence for Amonwan was two months, while her secretary received a 40-day sentence. The court ordered the conversion of their prison sentences into detention, as per Article 23 of the Penal Code reported Sanook.

The Min Buri Criminal Court issued a detention order once the case was concluded, instructing the Central Prison in Pathum Thani Province to detain the two from September 26 onwards.

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