Wedding crasher: Ex-girlfriend storms wedding ceremony in Suzhou

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The online community in China was abuzz with a dramatic wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. A viral social media clip revealed the source of the drama was not the bride or groom, but the groom’s ex-girlfriend who attempted to disrupt her old flame’s wedding.

The groom and the young woman had been in a relationship for seven years before they decided to part ways. When she discovered that the man she had loved for seven years was marrying someone else, she found it hard to accept. She had spent her entire teenage years with him and now seeing him becoming someone else’s husband was heartbreakingly unbearable.

In a desperate attempt for closure, the woman stormed her ex-boyfriend’s Suzhou wedding, hoping for a clear explanation from him and wanting to ascertain if he still had feelings for her. However, when she appeared at the ceremony, she lost control of her emotions, rushed to hug the groom, and cried intensely, even throwing herself on the floor to prevent him from marrying his bride.

Witnessing this shocking scene, bystanders hurried to help the woman, but she stubbornly refused to let go of the groom’s leg.

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“We dated for seven years. Have you forgotten our seven years of love?”

The groom, seeing his old flame in such distress, could not help showing a sorrowful expression, and even reached down to hold her hand.

Bride’s stoic elegance

Despite the heartbreaking scene unfolding before her, the bride did not show anger. She stood quietly, appearing indifferent to everything that was happening as if it had nothing to do with her. She did not react to the groom holding another woman’s hand; she simply hooked her arm with his, demonstrating her status as his soon-to-be wife, reported Sanook.

After the Suzhou wedding incident was posted online, the clip quickly gained attention. Many netizens felt sorry for the woman, seeing her teenage love now married to someone else. However, they had broken up, and the past could not be undone.

It was entirely within the man’s rights to marry his current love, and she had no right to cry and cling to her ex-boyfriend’s leg like this because it was very embarrassing.

“Crying doesn’t help. If he still had you in his heart, he wouldn’t have left you to get married.”

“No matter how much it hurts, you shouldn’t disturb your ex’s wedding. It would make the bride, groom, and both families uncomfortable.”

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