Chinese man faces hefty bill for shattering supermarket escalator glass

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A Chinese man, identified as Jue, faced a perilous situation at a supermarket in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, when the glass railing of an escalator he had just used suddenly shattered. As Jue descended the escalator and lightly touched the glass railing, it violently shook and broke, leaving a large crack as immediate evidence.

Jue was left stunned and motionless, questioning how the glass could shatter from a light touch.

“I just touched it lightly. How did this happen? It shouldn’t have broken like this. This escalator is too fragile.”

Following the incident, supermarket officials demanded that Jue pay for the damage, stating that in the past six years, the escalator had never been damaged until Jue touched it, and therefore he should be compensated 8,300 yuan (more than 40,000 baht) (US$ 1,167).

However, Jue disagreed with the supermarket’s handling of the situation and refused to pay the compensation. When the incident was reported in the media, the supermarket became the target of criticism and its reputation suffered, with the damage to the business far exceeding the cost of the broken glass, reported Sanook.

Many netizens voiced their strong opinions, arguing that the supermarket not only handled the situation poorly but also ignored customer safety.

“This escalator is weak and fragile, but the supermarket dared to demand compensation. Using such low-quality glass could endanger customers’ lives.”

“If I were Jue, I would sue the supermarket for allowing customers to use this type of escalator. It’s a threat to customers’ safety.”

“Oh my God, the customer hasn’t even asked the supermarket for compensation!”

“This escalator looks like it’s made from tofu. Who’s responsible if a customer gets hurt? Who will compensate if the glass breaks and injures someone?”

“After this, who would dare to shop here again with such facility issues?”

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