Thai model Yoko’s mysterious death: Cyanide, a staged scene and unresolved doubts

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Yoko, a prominent Thai model, was found dead in her condominium following an argument at a party with her boyfriend. The incident took place on November 1 last year. The autopsy report showed the presence of cyanide in her body, which has led to doubts about the cause of her death.

Yoko’s mother expressed her disbelief at the circumstances of her daughter’s death, stating that the scene appeared too orderly as if it had been staged. Furthermore, she found it hard to believe that her daughter, who suffered from depression but was not severe, would resort to suicide.

Yoko was seen laughing and interacting normally with her family. Doubts were also raised about the cyanide found in a safe and a note discovered on Yoko’s mobile phone. It seemed unlikely to Yoko’s mother that her daughter would order the lethal substance or write the message herself, reported KhaoSod.

Police released the CCTV footage from October 30 last year, showing Yoko leaving her condominium with her boyfriend to attend a party at a restaurant in the Ekkamai district. An argument occurred at the party, and Yoko returned to her room alone at 6.42am the next day.

Yoko was last seen entering her room at 6.45am and was later found dead inside. The exact circumstances surrounding Yoko’s death remain unclear, and further investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Thai modelling industry is mourning the death of Yoko, real name Praowrawee Sahasathapong. Yoko was recognised for her significant contributions to the car industry and her charismatic personality that will be missed by friends, family, and fans.

The news of Yoko’s death was shared on the Facebook page of Yyok Magarita, a close friend of the deceased. In a heartfelt post, Yyok Magarita expressed the profound loss of a dear friend who was known for her radiant smile and charm.

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