Youth gang wreaks havoc in Buriram, Thailand: Teen seriously hurt

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A gang of reckless youths caused havoc on the streets of Buriram, Thailand. A 13 year old boy was injured after the group pursued and attacked him amidst moving traffic. The incident was followed by the gang posting a taunt on Facebook, ridiculing their victim. Following the incident last night, police are now urgently hunting down the culprits.

Upon arrival at the scene, it was found that the injured boy had already been taken to Lahansai Hospital. Fragment pieces from a homemade bomb were found at the scene, indicating the severity of the incident.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the incident involved teenagers from the same village who had previous disputes. Upon encountering each other, they started a high-speed chase, throwing bombs and physically attacking each other until the 13 year old boy sustained a broken leg and numerous scrapes.

The 16 year old victim’s friend reported that before the incident, they had left their friend’s house only to be pursued by two to three groups of teenagers. The groups started throwing bombs at them, which led to a retaliatory attack.

A car chase ensued, culminating in the attackers knocking down the victim and assaulting him with a knife. The victim had worn a helmet, which saved him from head injuries, but he was repeatedly kicked until his leg broke, reported KhaoSod.

Following the attack, the perpetrators, who were known to the victim, fled the scene. In a brazen act of mockery, they later posted on Facebook, ridiculing the victim. Chai, the 58 year old grandmother of the victim, said her grandson had told her he was going to the Klongthom market with his friends. She came to know about the incident when her grandson’s friend called to inform her that her grandson had been attacked.

A local vendor near the scene, who wishes to remain anonymous, mentioned that such violent incidents involving gangs are common, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when the Klongthom market operates. The locals often have to take cover for fear of being hit by stray projectiles. The vendor expressed a desire for the police to take serious action against these disruptive teenagers.

The police are expediting the investigation, checking CCTV footage captured by concerned citizens during the incident. They are committed to apprehending the culprits involved and ensuring justice is served according to the law.

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