Chinese woman’s regret after discovering husband’s debt due to her inflated dowry request

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A Chinese woman’s tearful confession on a foreign website ignited a social media storm. After eight years of marriage, she discovered that her husband’s significant monthly dowry debt repayments were due to her actions.

The woman’s confession video was posted while she was driving. She shared that she had been married to her husband for eight years. She had observed her husband setting aside a substantial portion of his salary to repay monthly dowry debts.

These debts were not only his own, but also those of his parents, which raised her suspicions about the extent of his family’s indebtedness, despite their seemingly simple lifestyle.

The husband had avoided discussing the matter, fearing backlash from both families. However, he eventually revealed the truth, leaving the woman in shock.

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The root of the significant dowry debt was their wedding. Her parents had requested a dowry of about 300,000 yuan (1.5 million baht). At the time, she suggested increasing the dowry to 680,000 yuan (3.5 million baht) due to her perception of the number three as unlucky. She assumed her husband’s family would easily afford the amount.

She was gravely mistaken.

The economic downturn had hit her husband’s family hard, making it challenging to raise the requested amount. Her husband’s parents, seeing their son’s genuine love for her, borrowed money from relatives. This led to the massive dowry debt her husband continues to repay to this day, reported KhaoSod.

Following the video’s release, a wave of criticism swept the online world. T

“The husband’s family is very kind, please respect and treat them well.”

“If your parents returned half of the dowry, it would not have ended so sadly.”

“680,000 yuan is not a small amount but the husband’s parents agreed unconditionally and secretly borrowed the money for their children’s happiness. After repaying the debt for eight years, they never said anything because they didn’t want you to feel pressured.”

As the old saying goes: Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, but without money, the carriage won’t roll for long.

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