Bullets found on plane cause evacuation in Korea

PHOTO: A Korean plane was evacuated when bullets were found aboard. (via Walmart)

A few stray bullets are enough to ruin an entire flight. Yesterday a Korean Air plane was evacuated after two live bullets were discovered on board. The incident took place at Incheon International Airport in South Korea. The plane was bound for Manila and had 230 passengers on board at the time.

The discovery of the bullets resulted in the plane returning to the terminal where passengers were evacuated. The police were notified and the necessary security checks were carried out. A police officer assured that there was no immediate risk of terror to the 218 passengers and 12 crew members aboard.

“We are looking into how the bullets got into the plane.”

A Korean Air official confirmed that the airline was aware of the situation and was waiting for the outcome of the police investigation.

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The plane, which was originally scheduled to take off at 7.45am, finally departed Incheon at around 11am. All passengers were thoroughly checked before being allowed to re-board the plane.

South Korea has strict gun laws. Illegal possession of a firearm can result in fines of up to 100 million won (about 2.6 million baht) and a prison sentence of up to 15 years. The police are now investigating how the bullets were able to make their way onto the plane but no further information is available at this time.

A similar incident took place last year in Thailand when Gal Shmuel Farjun was arrested in October at Phuket Airport with two loaded magazines in his suitcase. The 29 year old claimed to have left the bullets in his bag “by accident.”

He was arrested on October 22 and placed under house arrest. Then the Israeli police officer was sentenced to 18 months in a Thai prison in December for arriving in Thailand with a deadly cargo of live ammunition. He posted bail after sentencing and again was placed under house arrest as his lawyers appeal the ruling.

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