Child’s innocent blunder sparks debate on teaching kids proper crush-etiquette


A young boy’s innocent expression of affection towards his father’s female colleague has prompted online discussions about the importance of teaching children appropriate behaviour. The event happened in China as the boy, around 3-4 years old, encountered the attractive co-worker during a visit to his father’s office and, filled with joy, hugged and attempted to kiss her.

The pretty woman, dressed in a black dress, graciously embraced the little boy. At that moment, the child proceeded to kiss her cheek before attempting a peck on her lips. The woman quickly moved her face away, blushing and smiling shyly. This endearing scene was captured and shared online, causing the father to be both embarrassed and amused over his son’s forwardness.

Reactions to the moment on social media were mixed, with some praising the child’s innocence and others reminding parents of the importance of teaching appropriate behaviour.

“I envy the boundless innocence of children. He just wanted to show his love!”

“This is a child. He can’t differentiate, he only knows he likes the beautiful older sister in front of him and imitates the behaviours his parents show.”

“Teach your child appropriate ways of communicating with others, with words and politeness, not by kissing.”

“Teach your children to protect themselves. You have the right to protect your privacy, and no one should hug or kiss you without permission.”

Ultimately, a child’s actions often stem from observing their parents’ daily interactions. Parents must set good examples and provide clear boundaries for their children, to ensure proper behaviour and awareness of appropriate interactions as they grow up.

Setting boundaries, such as holding hands or brief hugs with others, can help cultivate respectful and acceptable behaviours in social situations.

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