Abandoned motorcycle causes collision: Netizens berate owner and high-beam driver

Photo via Sanook.

A late-night drive turned into a shocking spectacle for one Vietnamese motorist when an abandoned motorcycle was found mid-lane, resulting in a collision with alarming force. The owner of the motorcycle, who left it in such a precarious position due to a brief blunder of dropping a possession, came under severe online criticism for his thoughtlessness, as did another driver who exacerbated the situation by keeping their headlights on high beam.

The incident was captured on the dashboard camera of the motorist, sharing the tense moments leading up to the collision. Due to the twilight hours, the visibility of the driver was already limited. This was further hampered by the oncoming vehicle’s high-beam headlights blinding the view. Suddenly there was a motorcycle, standing idle in the centre of the lane, leaving the driver with no option but to crash into it.

Following the loud encounter, a man appeared at the scene of the crash, lifting the fallen bike, and revealing himself as the owner of the motorcycle in question. His reckless decision to abandon his bike mid-lane on a busy road was triggered by his dropping an item by the roadside.

The footage quickly grabbed the attention of netizens, who subjected the careless biker to heavy criticism. However, he was not the only one to be rebuked. The motorist coming from the opposite direction also faced condemnation for their disregard for others’ safety by keeping the headlights so bright.

One observer said…

“On seeing the video, it’s apparent that the car coming in the opposite direction was beaming high headlights, making it impossible to spot the motorcycle. Also, parking the bike mid-way in the lane like this was wrong.”

Another commented…

“It’s too dark, and with the bike placed in the middle of the road like this – how could anyone brake in time.”

The sentiment was echoed by another user, who said…

“The driver in the car is to be pitied. Despite driving cautiously, they still managed to get into an accident.”

One strong condemnation came from another netizen user who said…

“The oncoming car’s headlights were too bright. While an accident was indeed inevitable, I detest those who prioritise their own way by keeping their headlights on high while causing inconvenience to others.”

Watch a video of the crash HERE.

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