Police arrest man wanted for South Thailand murder

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Police arrested a man wanted for a murder in South Thailand in March. The suspect, 37 year old Somsak Plano, had allegedly shot at three brothers, killing one of them and injuring another. Somsak’s alleged crime was believed to be related to a personal conflict. The incident happened in the Phato district of Chumphon province on March 2.

According to police, Somsak and his wife drove to a house, and Somsak called for the brothers to come out and talk to him. When they came out, he opened fire. After committing his crime, Somsak fled the scene in his truck.

Police investigators learned that Somsak had fled from Chumphon, and was believed to be hiding in an oil palm plantation in Songkhla province. They found him in a worker’s hut at the plantation in Ranot district today. Somsak was arrested under a warrant issued by Lang Suan Court in Chumphon. He surrendered without any resistance.

Somsak is being charged with murder, attempted murder, and illegal possession of a weapon.

There have been a few high-profile murderers in Chumphon. In May, police arrested a notorious hitman in the province. The hitman had fled to Myanmar after a Chumphon court issued an arrest warrant for murder. Police arrested him when he returned to Chumphon.

Last year, police killed another hitman in Chumphon. The hitman had four warrants out for his arrest for four different murder cases. He had been hiding in a hut on a hill when police found him.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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