OIC commends treatment of Muslims and quality of life in Thailand

PHOTO: The OIC praised Thailand for treatment of Muslims. (via NNT)

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation hailed Thailand as a shining example of how well a multicultural society can coexist during a visit to the Deep South provinces. Delegates from the OIC visited 3 of the southernmost provinces in Thailand on June 29 and 30 after the Thai government invited them to come and see local religious activities, education programs, and communities.

The trip marked the first visit of a senior OIC member to the region in 10 years. The group committed itself to being a part of improving the quality of life and keeping the peace in Thailand’s Deep South.

Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Yousef Mohammed S. Aldobeay led the delegation as they visited Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat in the Deep South of Thailand. While observing, the secretary-general said Thailand has not inhibited the Muslim population or deprived them of freedom or rights.

He praised the fair treatment of the Muslim community in the south and the Thai government’s peaceful handling of disputes in general and called Thailand a positive example where people of all religions, ethnicities, nationalities, and races could peacefully coexist in society.

The visit by the delegation from the OIC was said to be an example of PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s commitment to multiculturalism in the government’s agenda and policies, according to the secretary-general of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre.

The OIC said that the standard of living in the region was boosted by Thailand’s occupational promotion policy. They pledged to be supportive of the effort to build peace in the Deep South.

This visit allowed the delegation of the OIC to experience the region in person and they will now report their observations and findings back to the secretary-general to share the information with the 57 countries that make up the OIC’s membership.

One Department of Middle East affairs in Thailand expressed pleasure that a clear policy and goal of growing Thailand’s diplomatic relationship with the OIC is in place.

SOURCE: National News Bureau of Thailand & Bangkok Post

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