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Romeo, Romeo. What can you do for Ride4Kids?

Darren Scherbain



Romeo, Romeo. What can you do for Ride4Kids? | The Thaiger
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What does it take to make the hair on your arms stand up?

The goose bump moments; with all the hair standing at attention inspired with passion and hope.

Meet Romeo, a 13 year old boy, who is a living breathing testament to living a life of hope and passion. The term ‘boy’ is draped rather loosely. Do not confuse his stature with his substance.

Romeo and Perthuis Jean David, Romeo’s father, wanted to get together to talk about how they could jump on board with the forthcoming Ride4Kids event.


Romeo is going to join us for the last 100 kilometres of the ride, but he will also tackle an extra 100 kilometres the day before to meet the Ride4Kids team in Khao Lak.

Kicking off from HeadStart International School on June 15 he will be in for a very tough and demanding challenge. We talked at length about the sheer grit and determination that a 200km ride requires. The 200kms are not going to be handed to him, he will have to earn every single one of those kilometres.

Romeo will be collecting donations for the three charities benefiting from Ride4Kids: Phuket Has Been Good To Us, Good Shepherd and Outrigger Share4Change.

With this one little domino, Romeo also wants to get his classmates and the whole school involved. Why stop at just his class? He wants the whole school to jump on board as well. Romeo will be organising a Ride-a-thon at Headstart and wants all students, teachers and parents to come along fir the ride.

Instant domino affect.

Do you remember what it was like to play with dominos as a kid?
The flicking over of the first domino would knock over the next domino and the next and the next… a chain reaction and a rhythmic sound of achievement.

Do you know the physics involved in the domino affect? A domino will knock over another domino 1.5 times it’s size. If we start with a little bitty 5cm domino and flick over another domino 1.5 times it size we will have knocked over a 7.5cm domino.

Not too much of a big deal right… so what’s the point?

But if we continue this for another 20 dominos we will have reached the 16m height.

Still not worth the effort to lace up your shoes?

Let’s knock over another 10 more dominos and, voila, our last domino is the height of the Shanghai Tower. Or getting the entire school involved.

For most of us, our problem isn’t that we set our sights too high. We set our sights too low and settle for them. Amazing what can happen when you learn a few life lessons from a 13 year old.

Romeo, you are a inspiration and a ray of hope.

To find out more about Ride4Kids and how you can become involved click HERE.

Romeo, Romeo. What can you do for Ride4Kids? | News by The Thaiger

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Darren Scherbain believe that each of us possess the capacity to be the creator of a heroic and courageous life. Living a courageous and passionate life requires that we embrace the sheer physicality of these concepts, while not forgetting that Heroes are useful. "What would your life look like if you eliminated the word CAN'T just for one day?"

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