Thailand police foil illegal immigration operation, 66 nabbed

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Kanchanaburi‘s Thong Pha Phum police, along with immigration officers and relevant agencies, successfully thwarted an illegal immigration smuggling operation in Thailand. The operation yesterday, March 20, led to the apprehension of 66 individuals and the confiscation of four vehicles, marking a significant breakthrough in the fight against illegal immigration in Thailand.

The report from the police highlighted that the officers on patrol duty noticed four pickup trucks acting suspiciously during a routine assignment. The drivers of the vehicles attempted to evade police inspection by speeding away. Undeterred, the officers trailed them to a rubber plantation in Thong Pha Phum where they discovered the trucks parked.

Upon further examination, they found 66 individuals from Myanmar hidden inside the four vehicles. Unfortunately, the drivers had managed to evade capture by the pursuing police officers. The individuals found in the vehicles confessed to crossing the Thai border illegally via a natural channel, intending to find employment in central Thailand, reported The Pattaya News.

Following the discovery, the Thong Pha Phum enquiry police escorted them for additional legal processing. This incident comes in the wake of a mandatory conscription policy in Myanmar, which is currently grappling with conflicts between the military junta and multiple groups.

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In related news, a recent surge in illegal immigration has been witnessed in Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi, as 22 Myanmar nationals attempted to cross the border into Thailand on March 13. The Thong Pha Phum police, along with other Thai authorities, responded swiftly to a tip-off about the unlawful activity.

Upon reaching the specified location, the officers discovered a vacant pickup truck parked close to a forest in the Tha Khanun subdistrict. The presence of footprints around the location indicated human activity. A thorough search of the area led to the discovery of a group of illegal Myanmar workers concealed within the forest.

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