Thai woman fights for justice after ex-husband’s acid attack

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A Thai woman from the southern province of Songkhla sought assistance from multiple news outlets after suffering an acid attack by her ex-husband after the case had been ignored by police for five months.

The 28 year old victim, Kritsada Kaewkwan, urged several media outlets to publish her story to draw attention from officers at Sabayoi Police Station in Songkhla. Kritsada gave an interview with reporters even though she is still undergoing treatment at Had Yai Hospital.

Kritsada recounted the incident to the reporters, stating that her ex-husband, 29 year old Suthee, attacked her with a liquid acid on November 7 of last year, a month after they ended their relationship. Kritsada chose to separate from Suthee because he was too jealous and displayed abusive behaviour.

Kritsada said Suthee attempted to reconcile with his wife, but she remained unconvinced. On the day of the incident, Suthee lured Kritsada into meeting him at his house, urging her to remove all her belongings if she insisted on ending their relationship.

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According to Kritsada, Suthee poured liquid acid over her while she was packing her belongings in the house, causing severe injuries to the back of her neck, shoulders and body.

Kritsada said she received treatment since the day of the incident and received only 400 baht in support from Suthee’s mother. Kritsada’s mother reported the acid attack at Sabayoi Police Station but there had been no development on the case after five months.

Kritsada revealed that Suthee started a new relationship and is living happily while she remains in hospital care.

Kritsada’s grandmother, Paew Chaimom, told Channel 7 that Kritsada and Suthee were together for over ten years before breaking up. Suthee had attempted to assault Kritsada several times in the past but others managed to intervene just in time.

Paew said the acid attack occurred in front of their child, who tried to help his mother but was unsuccessful.

Channel 7 reported that officers at Sabayoi Police Station have already issued an attempted murder charge against Suthee but have not yet made an arrest. The next steps of the police operation have not yet been made public.

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