Pattaya tourist says security guards beat him “bloody” near Walking Street

A Pattaya tourist says security guards beat him bloody over a near collision when he was driving near the city’s famous Walking Street in the early hours of this morning. The tourist, an unnamed 31 year old Indian national, said he almost collided with a group of security guards who were standing in front of a venue on Soi 16.

In his statement, the tourist said he and the guards argued over whose fault the near collision was, and the guards then beat him “bloody” on his body, though not his face. The tourist said that after the guards escaped, he gathered a crowd of his buddies to go back to the venue and have a chat with the manager. But security wouldn’t let them speak to anyone. The tourist then filed a report to Pattaya Police, and brought a bloody piece of clothing as evidence.

Pattaya police said it was unclear whose fault the near collision was. They said they would summon the security guards and venue management allegedly involved later today (Sunday), and review CCTV footage. The police have now made a point to business owners and security that staff should never under any circumstances physically attack a customer, no matter how tense the circumstances. They noted that if situations turn violent, police must be called.

In the past month, there’s been a whirlwind of crimes against Indian tourists in Pattaya. The crimes have caused such a stir that earlier this month, a Pattaya police chief announced that a ‘specialised’ police patrol force will be formed to monitor any inappropriate incidents in tourist areas, or crimes against tourists.

After the alleged assault this morning, police stated they plan to hold a meeting with nightlife venue owners for de-escalation training, and on how to contact police if there is a dispute.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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Tara Abhasakun

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