Thailand’s DDC stops reporting positive ATK results

Thailand’s Department of Disease Control has stopped reporting Covid-19 infections with ATK tests. A spokesperson for the CCSA said that tomorrow, another proposal for changes in Covid-19 reporting will be submitted to the meeting of the Public Health Ministry’s Emergency Operations Centre. The proposal states that, starting June 1, the DDC will only report cases that require hospitalisation.

The spokesperson, Dr. Sumanee Wacharasint, said the Public Health Ministry has already revised its case reporting to the 2-week average, but the CCSA still gives an update of the infections on a daily basis.

The announcement follows the Public Health Ministry saying the mask requirement would be eased in designated areas and that regulations may be adjusted around mid-June. The high-risk “608” group, including people aged 60 and above, those with underlying conditions, and pregnant women, are advised to still wear masks in certain areas, as are all people in crowded spaces.

Last week, the CCSA agreed to categorise all provinces as either yellow (highest surveillance), blue (tourist zones) and green (low surveillance).

There are now 46 yellow provinces, 17 blue, and 14 green. Nightlife is being permitted to resume in green and blue provinces, with the sale of alcohol allowed until midnight. However, there is a ban on alcohol promotions and the sharing of drinks, and staff at bars and other nightlife venues must wear face masks.

Today, Worldometers reports 3,694 new Covid-19 cases in Thailand, and 24 new deaths.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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