Burmese worker falls to death in Chon Buri

There’s been another incident of a foreigner tragically falling to their death, this time in Chon Buri province. The 41 year old Burmese construction worker, Kying Ngwe, had been working on a new project to build a stairway down Chon Buri Grand Canyon in the main city district. It was there that Kying fell to his death yesterday.

A friend of Kying said that it was a day off, but Kying had remembered that he left his food at the bottom of the canyon. He was walking down the steep canyon to get his food when he fell. Kying sustained several injuries and was killed instantly. Police and rescuers had to rappel down the canyon to retrieve his body and bring it back up.

Samed Police said they would question other workers to find out whether the story from Kying’s friend is true.

This news comes after two other stories of foreigners in Thailand falling to their deaths in the past few days. Yesterday, it was reported that an American man had fallen from the ninth-floor of a rental building in the central Nonthaburi province.

On Friday, a Kyrgyzstani woman plunged to her death from a hotel in Pattaya. There has been an investigation since the woman’s death, with one suspect arrested in Bangkok yesterday.

Last month, a 41 year old Australian man fell to his death from the 17th floor of his hotel balcony in Pattaya.

Kying’s fatal fall at Chon Buri Grand Canyon is the latest in this tragic and strange sequence.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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