Mother heartbroken after son returns to Thailand for 3 days, only to be found dead

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A young man from Thailand‘s northeast Udon Thani province, who had returned from working in Israel only three days prior, mysteriously disappeared and was later found drowned in a nearby pond. His mother is now heartbroken.

The young man, identified as Thanom, from Chai Wan district, had gone missing from his home since early morning. Concerned villagers searched all day, unable to find him. The family resorted to consulting a spiritual medium for guidance. It was only then that his body was discovered in a neighbour’s pond around 5pm. Villagers said they were shocked when they saw someone resembling Thanom walking nearby, only to find his lifeless body floating in the water. They became convinced his spirit was alerting them to his whereabouts.

Today (22nd April), it was reported that the parents had informed Chai Wan police station about their missing son, Thanom. Despite the day-long search conducted by villagers, he remained missing. The parents, worried about their son’s safety, sought assistance from the medium who recommended conducting a ritual to appease powerful spirits before they could reunite with their son.

The mother revealed that Thanom, her eldest child, had recently returned from working in Israel. After only three days at home, he suddenly disappeared in the early hours of the day, leaving no trace. Neither the parents nor the other villagers could find him despite their efforts.

Before vanishing, Thanom had woken his mother up at around 3am, asking for a blanket. She noticed he was wet and asked if he had been playing in the water, before suggesting he change his clothes and return to bed. Upon waking up at 5am, she found Thanom missing.

During his time in Israel, Thanom maintained contact with his mother. He shared his plans of returning home to construct a house with the money he had saved. Unmarried and childless, Thanom was hardworking and focused on his goals. His mother had urged her son to return home.

At 5pm a local villager, Srisawan Janorn, aged 60, spotted Thanom’s body in the pond, which was about 100 metres away from his residence. Although the discovery was heart-wrenching, it also alarmed the villagers, who thought they had seen Thanom alive moments earlier. His mother became hysterical, sobbing and ultimately fainting from shock. The family then performed an elaborate resuscitation effort.

The mother recounted how the medium had predicted Thanom would reappear from the east. She insisted that she saw a person walking beside the pond, resembling Thanom in appearance. Upon rushing to the scene, the mother found her son’s corpse floating in the water. Both locals and the family believed that Thanom’s spirit had guided them to his body. They now await the arrival of the forensic officers to perform the last procedures before the family can conduct traditional funeral ceremonies for their lost son.

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