Summer storms to hit upper Thailand

Local residents and rescue workers try to remove a fallen tree that killed a six-year-old girl in Phrae on Friday. (Photo: Phrae provincial public relations office)

The Thai Meteorological Department expects summer storms to hit upper Thailand from Sunday to Wednesday.

The department is forecasting summer storms, thunderstorms, gusty winds, isolated hail and lightning in upper Thailand from today (Sunday) to Wednesday. A moderate high-pressure system from China is expected to affect the northeastern region of the country and the South China Sea from Monday to Thursday. Sweltering temperatures are anticipated for the entire nation, with southwesterly and southeasterly winds prevailing over the upper regions.

With the inclement weather predicted for the northeast and the east, residents are advised to take extra precautions and avoid dangerous outdoor areas. The weather agency recommends staying away from large trees, billboards and unsecured structures. Farmers are also urged to take preventive measures to minimise crop damage, such as securing greenhouses and protecting livestock.

Southern regions expected to face heavy rainfall and strong winds.Simultaneously, easterly and southeasterly winds will prevail across the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, resulting in increased rainfall over the southern provinces.

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Those living in these areas should be vigilant during this period of severe conditions. Waves in the Gulf of Thailand are forecast to reach around one metre high, increasing to more than two metres during thundershowers. Mariners are advised to proceed with caution, and small boats should stay ashore during stormy weather, according to the Meteorological Department.

In the northern district of Phrae, gusty winds and hail have already impacted two communities in Song district, causing significant property damage and even loss of life. A large tree, uprooted during the storm on Friday evening, tragically killed a six-year-old girl in the Padaeng village of tambon Tao Poon. The storm also resulted in downed power poles, leaving residents without electricity. On Saturday, the Phrae provincial public relations office reported that 88 houses in two tambons of the Song district sustained damage from the severe weather conditions.

As Thailand braces for further turbulent weather this coming week, it is crucial that residents and visitors adhere to the advice and warnings issued by the national Meteorological Department. Stay informed about weather updates, take necessary precautions and be vigilant in order to ensure personal safety during these challenging conditions.

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