Korat closes noodle shop and a Tesco following Covid outbreak

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The northeastern Thai province Nakhon Ratchasima, also known by its shorter form, Korat, continues to see Covid issues. The province has announced that it has 2 new Covid clusters located in the Bua Yai district. One of the outbreaks is at a noodle shop and the other is at a Tesco Lotus. 14 people have tested positive for Covid.

The infections were found at the Wain noodle shop and a Tesco says the provincial communicable disease control panel, today. Investigators haven’t determined the source of the infections. The Bangkok Post says the noodle shop owner had a cough and later tested positive for Covid on September 10. From there, investigators started to find other people who were at risk of contracting Covid. Later, an employee from Tesco Lotus who had eaten at the noodle shop complained of muscle pain and a headache. She would subsequently test positive for Covid.

Officials determined that more people who had visited the Tesco and noodle shop had contracted Covid. From the noodle shop, they found 9 people had Covid, including the owner’s family, employees, and an employee’s boyfriend. From Tesco, 3 more employees were determined to have Covid, as well as an employee’s husband. Officials have closed both businesses while they search for other people who may have Covid.

Last week, the Talad Suranaree market announced that it would close until Wednesday following the news that there had been a Covid outbreak at the market. The northeastern province has now had many clusters that have been closely monitored. The largest clusters were at the Cargill Meats Factory where 1,390 people tested positive, followed by 993 people testing positive at a chicken processing factory and last week’s cluster.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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