Chaiyaphum rebuilding after grandson burns down family’s house

PHOTO: Chaiyaphum government is rebuilding a house burned down by a druggie grandson. (via BKK Post)

An 86 year old woman, along with her daughter and 3 girls will be receiving a new house courtesy of the Chaiyaphum provincial authorities after her druggie grandson burned down the family home. Last Friday, the old woman’s grandson, who is said to be a drug addict, threatened the lives of his mother and grandmother and then set fire to their house in tambon Nong Na Saeng in Chatturat district.

After he burned down the family home, the women were left homeless but the 37 year old grandson was arrested and now has a place to stay – Chaiyaphum Prison where he is being held while facing charges for arson.

The family was stuck with no home to sleep in and were forced to stay in a hobbled together shack along the Chaiyaphum-Si Khiu Road in tambon Laharn. They’ve spent the week gathering water from nearby paddy fields and surviving by selling duck eggs from the flock of ducks they take care of.

The Chaiyaphum governor joined officials during an inspection of the house that was destroyed by fire and then met with the 86 year old grandmother and her 16 year old granddaughter. The old woman said she has been in constant fear of her drug-crazed grandson attacking her and threatening to kill her. Officials had to reassure her that the man was already in prison and she was safe.

He later inspected their temporary roadside shack and said that it was unfit and unsafe for occupancy. It was then that he vowed to build them a new house, and even offered to put them up in rooms in the Chaiyaphum government compound. She declined, citing fears about the safety of her own house, but her daughter convinced her to agree to stay at a neighbour’s house.

The government expects to have a new house built for the grandmother in about 7 days.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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